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Our intergrated approach to fitness and exercise, nutrition, and mentally transforming how you look and feel about your body and the limitations that will not longer apply or exist. That is what we do for you! It really is a complete lifestyle change and outlook at all aspects of how you look, feel and perform in your everyday life.


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We are not like any other boot camp or crossfit gym, and definitely not like the big box gyms. Here you are the machine. We add in some additional “objects” like our focus on kettlebell training for core power, strength, endurance, and flexibility. We use Crossfit methods to improve your ability to move large objects quickly. We also use body weight movements like pullups, pushups, how to do a proper squat and not hurt your knees. Add in our constantly moving boot camp training style to give you the best unique workout each and every day.

We use the energy of a group environment to help push you along as well as constant personal training instruction. i.e. the best of both worlds at an economical price and the best workout of your life. 


The easy workout was yesterday.


And that is exactly how you will feel – invigorated, new found confidence, stamina, both inner and outer strength, personal power and endurance.

Nutritional guidance and a plan for those ready to go to the final frontier. Food is fuel, and we learn how to find the best sources and how they help us improve auto-immune disease, avoid cancer and diabetes, among just a few of the problems out there right now. And don’t forget Mental Transformations in how you personally look at yourself in the mirror and feel on the inside. We are here with you all the way.


It is a Lifestyle of


making you FEEL, LOOK


and PERFORM better.





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There are 3 areas of physical fitness. Excercise, Nutrition, and



Where most of us fail is in accountability. We all can follow a work out plan and eat healthy. We just have trouble doing it over the long term because we allow ourselves to cheat.


This is where Personal Training really helps you achieve your goals. No More Slacking! No More Excuses! Your Personal Trainer will hold you accountable week to week.


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Get Fit Now offers crossfit training, weight training, bootcamp training, weight loss training, sport specific training, and extreme physical fitness training!

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weightsTired of feeling run down!




Bad eating?


We can help you get control of your nutrition,


lose weight and get your life back!



Get a leaner more toned body in the next 90 days or your money back. All you have to do is exactly what we tell you. Call and set an appointment to get your custom 17 point Body Evaluation for free with no obligation. Get Fit Now provides personal training, crossfit, Russian kettle bell, and bootcamp classes for Denver, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Aurora, and Littleton.


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Get Fit Named Best of Centennial Personal Training & Fitness




Committed to your fitness success,


John Hayter

Independent Team BeachBody Coach

Pulse Fitness, LLC


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Ready for an Adventure?


Join us and begin training for an adventure race. We have run Tough Mudder, The Original Mud Race, and Spartan Races. We know how to prepare you to run, have fun and finish and obastacle race.


Our training will challenge mentally and physically. We will help you push betond your limits. Do not let fear stand in your way. We can help anyone achieve their goals.


Committed to your fitness success,


John Hayter

Independent Team BeachBody Coach

Pulse Fitness, LLC



Shakeology is Sweeping the Nation!


The newest healthy meal replacement is Shakeology by BeachBody! The creator of Shakeology, Darin Olien, was just feature in May issue of O Magazine. Darin Olien is an expert in combining highly beneficial ingredients into protien mixes, vitamins, tea, etc.


“Shakeology -The Healthiest Meal of the Day”


Shakeology contains more than 70 of the most potent health foods in the world such as ashwagandha from China, cordyceps from Bhutan, yacon from Peru, green tea, grapeseed extracts, chlorella, spirulina, hydrilla, a spectrum of enzyme, vitamins, and minerals, and prebiotics and probiotics.


If you are interested in finding out more on Shakeology and how you can incorporate it into your personal training and how it can help you meet your fitness goals contact us at Get Fit Now.


Committed to your fitness success,


John Hayter

Independent Team BeachBody Coach

Pulse Fitness, LLC


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